Short resume

Bernd Jünger lives and works in Cologne at river Rhine.

He started out as a cartoonist - 10,000 hours later he became a professional. But then: Always sitting alone at the drawing table? This was too lonely for him. Wasn't working in a team much nicer?

It was. Almost by chance he got to the HFF Konrad Wolf in Potsdam. To study the art of scenography there. Oh, how beautiful is Panama!

That was fun: creating concepts, building models, making films, inventing tricks, designing 3D virtual stuff ... and, and, and, - opened many doors: Jünger got into the virtual studio of Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln. In real time, with a reasonable contract.

There he crocheted polygons together creatively and with frame accuracy. With a lot of patience and pretty sharp. He took all worries away, designed and organized one project after the other, stable over years ... No matter whether virtual or real; whether small or large.

Today Bernd Jünger heads the specialist group for set design at WDR. He has a completely different profession than the previous two: Artistic management, personnel management, coordination and staffing of projects are among his areas of responsibility; Steering committees and reorganizations are also known by Jünger.

And all in parallel! Man, man, man! Where else can this lead?

Zeichnung des Gurus Drag-Dmar

Favorite book: The strong Wanja

First record: Queen - The White Album

Favorite comic: Hugo Pratt - South Sea Ballade

Favorite activity: Clear things from left to right

Skills: Techno & Art

Interests: Cycling & Table soccer

Vice: Beer & Zombie film